October 22, 2016

Update from our Trails Coordinator!


  • ongoing work includes brushing, clearing, blowdown removal, cabin improvements, equipment purchases, creating a map file of the trails (including a new road section built by Community Forest), producing maps, new signage, liaising with other trail groups, bridge modifications ...
  • while conducting logging operations near Alpine 2 cabin, the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest and Duz Cho have provided bulldozer time to blade several trail sections. This removed logs, stumps, rocks, brush, old berms, mounds, corners too tight for the groomer, and helped flatten grades ... Huge Thanks!
  • all blowdown (that we know of!) has been cleared - more thanks to Ron, Ron, Ross & Isla, Rob & Christine, anyone else who has traveled out there with a chainsaw, and the fire crew staff from the Protection Branch of Ministry of Forests, coordinated by Rick Dreise.
  • we ran the brush mower for two days. Many thanks to Ron Paterson & Ron Crosby for using a weekend to do this (plus to Ron C for using his quad). Thanks also to Rob & Christine Souka for ordering parts and fixing the mower. Thanks to the Snowmobile Club for loaning us the mower. Thanks to Darin Hancock and the Ministry of Forests for providing quads to help remove obstacles and keep Ron company.
  • brush saw work is ongoing - Thank You to Ross & Isla Wright!
  • Protection Branch also cleared some standing timber to help provide more maneuverability with the groomers. They also piled and burned some Spruce trees we had felled in 2015, which were acting as bark beetle traps.
  • Kirby's Cabin and Sartor's Villa are in good shape; both stoves have been fired up and are good to go; upgrades are ongoing. Alpine 2 needs more extensive upgrades and discussions are ongoing regarding usage and potential for multiple user groups to help in the resurrection of this cabin. Ron Paterson is working on a replacement stove for Alpine 2 - thank you Ron! (be careful if using the outhouse at Alpine 2, as it tends to blow over!)
  • Thanks to Rob Souka for coordinating the trail grooming and bringing that perspective to help guide trail improvements. Many thanks to Rob & Christine for the communications and all the other work they do that we don't completely know about, because nobody else can keep up.

Happy Skiing in 16/17! I think that the trails will be in the best shape ever! (Now we just just need some snow to help cover up the ugly bits)