Our Trail Maintenance Director, Jim, has been busy this summer!


He has managed to get some major earth works projects done on our trails, thanks to funding from the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest. These projects include:

  • Raising the trail grade and widening the trail and intersection between Villa Sartor and the nearby bridge
  • Stumping and flattening the area on both sides of Villa Sartor to increase the usable space around the cabin
  • Widening the top of Ridge Run hill and leveling the crest 
  • Removing a large rock from the trail bed on the Ridge Run trail and filling in the hole
  • Pulling back the cutbanks and straightening sharp corners all the way from the top of the Ridge Run trail to where it meets the Lost Lake trail
  • Fixing the saturated and deeply rutted trail where it goes around the far side of Lost Lake and redirecting intermittent drainage back towards Lost Lake


The contractor (Northworx) worked very efficiently and they were lucky to find decent trail-building material to work with, which allowed for extra work to be done! The BONUS work includes:

  • Spot fixes along an extra 800m of Ridge Run trail
  • A long stretch on rutted mud along the Lost Lake trail was fixed
  • Blueberry Trail between Villa Sartor and Michie's Hill has stumps removed, banks cut and downed trees pushed back
  • The three peaks and valleys on the Roller Coaster trail were leveled and widened 
  • The outhouse at Kirby's was moved
  • Timbers on the bridge next to Villa Sartor were replaced

Big thanks to Howard and Hunter Humphreys of North Worx Contracting. They were helpful and professional and we couldn't have done this without them! Thanks also to Conifex Timber Inc. for donating three culverts, which went a long way in the trail maintenance budget! 


Sadly we had a set back with the brushing this year, the brush mower which the Snowmobile Club has generously let us use, was stolen from the trails between August 20-22. If you have any information regarding it's whereabouts please contact the Mackenzie Nordiques or call the police.