At the last club meeting a group brought forward a proposal of creating more designated dog-friendly trails in the Mackenzie Nordiques trail network. This was met with wide agreement from the club members at the meeting.

We are now in the information-gathering phase for expanding the number of dog-friendly trails. Carefully review the attached map. There are three options for dog-friendly trails. 

Option 1: Extend the current Dog trail to meet up with the Blueberry Trail to Ron's Bypass, then back along Ancient Way to Kirby's and back out to the Dog Trail.

Option 2: Lost Lake trail only - turn around at the junction of Lost Lake Trail and Ridge Run

Option 3: Lost Lake Trail, turn right onto Ridge Run and down Haley Mary Hill to Lost Lake Trail


Please take a moment to fill out the 3 survey questions:


Dog-friendly Ski Trails Survey


At the end of the end of the month we will tally the answers and make a decision on which trails will become dog-friendly.