Registration for the 2018/2019 Ski Season is NOW OPEN!!!! Head over to our registration page and click the link to get started.


 What's New


Some of you may notice that our fees have gone up this year. This is so that we can continue to improve our club and our trails with things like:

  • adequate grooming
  • programming for kids and hopefully soon adults also!
  • improved signage and trail maps
  • new high efficiency light bulbs and light bulb repairs so you can continue night skiing
  • trail maintenance like brushing and blow down removal
  • cabin maintenance and repairs
  • future clubhouse improvements
  • much much more! 

The Jackrabbit club house is looking all spiffed up , thanks to a fresh coat of paint from Great Bear Painting Co.!

 We also have a NEW FOB system for using our lights system at the golf course. This will help us track our energy costs over the winter. The FOBS have a $10 deposit, just to try and make sure we get them all back at the end of the season (the system is shut down in April, so keeping your fob won't help you much). These fobs can be picked up from Azu Health at 577 Skeena Drive. Check their website for hours: